Access controls

Hill Fabrication can provide a wide range of access control options for electric gates, sliding gates, cantilever gates and domestic gates including but not limited to:

  • Remote control fobs can be fitted to your key ring for ease of access and are standard with any of our electric gate systems.
  • A key pad can be fitted at any of our electric gates and access is gained by entering a pin code
  • We can install an Intercom to allow visitors to contact the householder or business office and request admission. Admission is granted by pressing a button on the phone unit.
  • Proximity readers where the user swipes a swipe card or fob over the reader to gain access
  • Timers which can open the gate automatically at the start of business hours and close at the end of business day
  • GSM units allow to open the gate by simply “ringing the gate” and can be restricted to authorised users only. Users can be added or removed by the supervisor sending a text message to the GSM



Electric Gate Access Controls - Hill Fabrication