Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are the ideal solution where a sliding gate is required but a ground track is not practical due to uneven ground, extreme heavy traffic or trip hazard etc. They are becoming more and more popular for heavy haulage/machinery business and Agricultural applications. They provide the same features as a sliding gate while not requiring a ground track due to their counter weight design.

Cantilever gates must include appropriate safety devices to ensure they meet the latest European safety legislation.

Safety requirements will be identified during a site survey/risk assessment and may include the following:-

  • deform-able¬†Safety edges to reduce the risk of impact or¬†shearing
  • infrared Photocell Safety Beams
  • Induction Ground Safety Loop Detectors
  • Obstacle Detection and Force Limitation safety systems
Cantilever Gates - Hill Fabrication

Some of our cantilever gate work to date: