Our highly trained fitters can also automate your gates using a wide range automation motors and control devices, all of which have undergone rigorous testing at Hill Fabrication. Our fitters have also been subjected to extensive safety training specific to automatic gatesĀ .

Automation types

  • Sliding gate motors ranging from 400kg capacity to 2500kg depending on the weight and duty cycle of your gate
  • Underground automation for discreet appearance. Boxes are fitted underground which contain the motors which drive the gates. These boxes are set in concrete and have drain pipes coming from them to a soakage area to remove any water which might make its way into the boxes
  • Articulated arm system for applications where underground systems are not practical and gate is in the middle of the pillar
  • Straight arm and hydraulic arm system for gates where underground systems are not practical and gates are fitted to inside of pillar
Hill Fabrication Gate Automation